It’s all in me – writing immigrant women’s history

The presence of immigrant women in the history of Malmö has been virtually nonexistent throughout the past 100 years. The life and work of these women seem to be invisible in the writing of public memory, even though their existence has played a crucial part in the development of Malmö.

“IT’S ALL IN ME” is an attempt to reshape this historical oversight and bring about a collective awareness of the immigrant women living in Malmö. The project is simple – we ask the public to listen to their stories and then write them down. The idea is to make history writing a collaborative process that is ongoing and growing by every contribution of the people of Malmö.

In collaboration with: Anna Navndrup Pedersen, Isabel Valdés Marín, Franziska Tachtler, Martin Krogh MattuckSimon Theis Hansen and Women Making History, Malmö